At Direct Point we aim to be the leading provider for all your company’s information, communication and technology needs, so as to continuously improve your business operations.

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Focus on Clientele
When you are happy, we are happy. Customer service is the key to any successful business relationship. You can rely on us for quick responses to quotation requests, issues to be dealt with or concerns. We also provide nationwide free delivery.

Strive for Excellence

We both share this common objective; let us help you take your business further. We guarantee quality products, most of which comes with warranty assurance. If there is any product or service you need let us know and we would source it for you.

Economic Efficiency and Effectiveness
Our prices are the most competitive, we guarantee to be the company and that gives you value for your money.

Direct Point Company Limited is committed to providing your organization with all needs targeting the information, communication and technology markets. Having been in conceived in 2013, we recognition that our success depends on providing value and earning the trust of our clients with quality products and services. Innovation is paramount in what we do, from pursuing new business demands to improving our existing services. In achieving excellence throughout our company we are continuously examining new solutions, regardless of the business sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are dedicated to delivering a range of hardware and software solutions from various platforms, such as Microsoft, HP, DELL, Apple, Cisco, APC and more. Many enterprises have successfully implemented both hardware and software solutions we provided, cost effectively and because of our timely delivery. Our company understands that the conditions of products are critical and therefore we always offer you assurance with warranty agreements.

With a professional team as the backbone for the company, we are enthusiastic about serving our clients and satisfying their requirements so that they can achieve their strategic business goals. With our approach at Direct Point, we have a reputation for being reliable and robust, a company that continues to offer optimum customer-support.

We look forward to doing business with you.

The Direct Point Team